11 10/2016

Cabinet adopts draft law on concept of information security of Moldova

The cabinet of ministers today approved a draft law on the concept of Moldova’s information security, which becomes a more and more pressing problem, as the information technologies develop.

The draft was worked out by the Security and Intelligence Service (SIS), “in order to strengthen the information security system in Moldova and counteract the threats to the national security.” The main threat represents “the illicit collection and use of information”, as well as “the illegal activity aimed at carrying out control over the work of the information resources.” The law defines the notions of “information weapon” and ‘information war”.   

“Presently, the confuse sense of the information security notion, the lack of concrete provisions on the rights and obligations of different subjects, the lack of a clear-cut mechanism of their implementation, of responsibility for the violation of rights in the information sector, creates conditions for abuses on behalf of subjects in this field,” SIS said. This “endangers the legal rights and interests of the citizens, society and state in the information area, and hence, the information security.”   

The draft concept establishes the basic dangers for the information security and classifies them according to the object on which they attempt. Among the external sources, there are the transnational information criminality, activity of international criminal organizations, groups and persons, aimed at getting unsanctioned access to the network and information resources, as well as the activity of the international terrorist and extremist organizations.

Also, the internal and external sources of these dangers are stipulated. The document also contains foremost measures of carrying out the state policy on ensuring the information security.

The draft law will be submitted to parliament for consideration and adoption.