07 08/2017

Diaspora days in Moldova to be organized on 18-20 August 2017

The Diaspora Relations Office (BRD) organizes Diaspora Days in the Republic of Moldova on 18-20 August 2017, under the Government’s patronage, the government's communication and protocol department has reported.

There will be carried out several activities within three days, including: Open Doors Day for the Diaspora at the Government, topical seminars and consultations with the Diaspora, the Diaspora Cup at minifootball.

The Diaspora Excellence Groups, BRD's support activities and the results of the Diaspora mapping will be presented during the Day of Open Doors to the Government.

The discussions in thematic seminars will focus on economic programs and opportunities to promote the migrants’ return and sustainable reintegration, nostalgic tourism, consultations on the National Development Strategy Moldova 2030, good practices of Diaspora's involvement in the development of localities in Moldova: mechanisms and available tools.

Also, in the 7th issue of International Festival Gustar, organized in partnership with BRD, a fair/exhibition dedicated to the Diaspora – "Moldova from everywhere" will be organized. Thus, the Diaspora will present the country of destination in an exhibition stand through promotional materials, gastronomy and artistic numbers.