02 02/2017

Government and Parliament coordinated priorities for 2017

Prime Minister Pavel Filip and Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu today participated in a joint government-parliament meeting, the first one this year. The participants in the event unveiled priorities on  the reforms’ agenda for 2017-2018.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip said that, in 2016, due to a good cooperation between the government and parliament, the authorities had managed to carry out more important things: working out a schedule of arrears in terms of implementation of the Moldova – European Union Association Agreement, elaboration and carrying out the Roadmap agreed upon with EU, fulfilling the pre-conditions and signing an Agreement with IMF. 

“We worked proactively, under the pressure of time, which made us mobilize and coordinate the actions. I thank the colleagues from parliament for the support they provided us and I would like that we work as one team in 2017 as well, fulfill the commitments taken before the development partners and the citizens,” Pavel Filip said.   

The Prime Minister specified that the government had worked out an agenda of priority reforms for 2017-2018 – ambitious, painful reforms, but absolutely necessary to improve the living standards of Moldova’s citizens. Among the priority reforms, there are: the central and local public administration reform; reform of the primary medical assistance; public health reform; hospital reform; employment reform; revising the system of public procurement and Labour Code. 

At the same time, the priority No 1 remains the implementation of the Moldova – EU Association Agreement, the prime minister noted. Pavel Filip stressed that he wanted an efficient cooperation between the government and parliament also in 2017, which should become a year of Moldova’s economic development. 

Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu appreciated the cooperation between the MPs and cabinet members. “The legislative plan for the implementation of the Association Agreement in 2017 allows us set the priorities, mobilize and organize ourselves better in 2017. We will take efforts to speed up the implementation of the Association Agreement, including via parliamentary control,” Andrian Candu said. 

During discussions, the cabinet members made a string of proposals which are to improve the circulation of documents and exchange of information between the government and parliament.