23 02/2017

„The hundred hills”

Near Prut river, between the villages Braniste and Avrameni, on 8 kilometers long and 2 kilometers width rise numerous hills (mounds) with the height of 15-30 m which form a real soil ondulation waving spectacle.  The rows created by these hills are parallel with Prut river meadow.

„The hundred hills” represent a landscape of great scientific and aesthetic value. There exists a scientific dispute about the way there hills were created. Some scientists say that „The hundred hills” is the only one place from the Europe where there is concentrated the biggest number of Mediterranean Sea underwater reefs– tertiary basin of water which covered 20 million years ago the actual territory of the Republic of Moldova. Other scientists consider that the hills were formed due to landslides and avalanches.

This unique landscape is situated on Prut valley slope, in the southern-southern-eastern part of Braniste and Avrameni village from Balti district.  „The hundred hills” is 8 kilometers long and 2,3 – 1,7 kilometers width and its originality is  created by the big number of relief microforms – over 3.500 hills, especially being elongated, pronounced with steeps and height from 1-3 m to30 m as is „Gypsy Hill”.

The landscape comprises 6 terraces of Prut River is marked from the altitude of 50-60 m of the meadow to 160-170 meters of the slope and covers an area of about 1600 ha. The strips between the rows of hills are slowly waved. The hills and the rows created by them are parallel with Prut meadow.

One from the legends says that here it took place the most terrible battles, and the winners buried the heroes, thus raising these hills: for the ordinary people – the smaller hills and for the leaders – the biggest hills”.