23 02/2017

Mimi’s mansion

Mimi’s mansion (new name obtained after the reconstruction of the mansion which is Mimi castle and it is an architectural monument of a national importance from Bulboaca locality, Anenii Noi district (Republic of Moldova) which was built at the end of the 19th  century.

The construction of the mansion was initiated by the order of the Basarabian politician Constantin Mimi and it was finished in 1990. Its architecture was taken from the French practice. This thing is due to the fact that Mimi was studying the viticulture and winery at Montpellier. It is considered that this mansion was the first true „chateau” from Bessarabia.  It was built from reinforced concrete and it had two floors (something new at that time), the castle was considered to be a modern edifice not just in Bender, but also in the whole province. The castle cellar has a capacity of 300.000 liters of wine which was kept in barrels.  
In 2011 it was initiated the renovation of the architectural ensemble which followed to become an attraction for tourists.  Once the reconstruction was made, the mansion got the name “Mimi’s castle” in the favor of its founder. The reconstruction is planned to be finished at the end of 2016.

Touristic complex Mimi’s castle
Once the renovation of the “touristic complex Mimi’s Castle” will be made, a museum, an art gallery for young artists, a room for conferences, a hotel, a restaurant, some workrooms of popular arts and of food preparation and rooms for events will be opened. In the castle will arranged four rooms for 100-200 persons, two tasting rooms and 6 halls in cellar.