29 07/2018

Moldova marks Constitution Day

 The Republic of Moldova marks the 24th anniversary of adoption of the Constitution today.

The Constitution of Moldova was adopted on 29 July 1994 and entered into force on 27 August 1994. The supreme law provides that Moldova is a sovereign, independent, unitary and indivisible state.

The Constitution of Moldova consists of eight titles, each being divided into chapters and sections. The Constitution preamble mentions secular aspirations of people to live in a sovereign country, aspirations to satisfy interests of citizens.

It also mentions aspiration to establish the rule of law, considering civic peace, democracy, dignity of man, his rights and freedoms, free development of human personality, justice and political pluralism as supreme values, devotion of MPs, in their quality of plenipotentiary representatives of people of Moldova, to general human values, desire to live in peace and good understanding with all peoples of the world according to principles and norms recognized unanimously by international law, being aware of responsibility and obligations towards precedent, current and future generations.  

The Constitution is fundamental law of state that defines attributes of state, its principles of operation and main objectives. There are written the most important principles of economic, political, social and juridical life in it, as well as values ​​on which Moldova is based: separation of powers in state, fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, independence of justice, political pluralism, etc. The Constitution is the legal basis of all legislation, and upon it is based the institutional and normative ensemble.

The fundamental law is a body of principles and norms which opened the way for affirmation of fundamental values ​​of rule of law and market economy, a guarantee of fundamental human rights and functioning of basic institutions of state, providing framework for establishment of a system of governance based upon inviolable rights of humanity: life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

The Constitution of Moldova is the document with highest authority in public, political and social life of the country. The symbol of people's struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights, Constitution reminds every citizen of the holy duty to serve faithfully his homeland, defend at all costs unity, sovereignty and independence of Moldova.  

The meaning of Constitution of Moldova consists in its vital functions: it carries out a synthesis of processes and events in history of people in struggle for society democratisation, expresses objectives and wishes of people, determines the character and limits of state power, it is a conception on relations in society.