25 10/2017

Moldova to open embassy, consulate general in United Arab Emirates

The government approved the establishment of the Embassy of Moldova in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in Abu Dhabi, today. Similarly, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to set up the Consulate General of Moldova in the UAE, in Dubai.

According to the decision, Executive will approve the structure and staffing status and set the allowances in foreign currency for the staff.

According to the Informative Note attached to the project, opening of the Embassy and the Consulate General of Moldova in the UAE will create conditions for ensuring wider diplomatic presence of Moldova in the Peak Gulf region, which would allow for the fullest capitalization of enormous potential of that geographical area, from economic and investment points of view.

Their opening will also facilitate the development of political and sectoral dialogue with the state institutions and the private sector in the UAE as well as ensure a direct dialogue with representatives of the local business community interested in Moldova.