08 06/2017

Moldovan cabinet approves Government's Reform

The cabinet of ministers, at a today’s meeting, approved a new law on government. The document provides the legislative framework necessary to carry out the public administration reform, launched by Prime Minister Pavel Filip, the government’s communication and protocol department has reported.

The PM said the approval of the government’s reform showed the cabinet’s will to fulfill the commitments taken before the citizens and foreign partners. Also, Pavel Filip noted that he hopes that the new regulations would be backed by all MPs of the parliamentary majority and would be enforced in the terms established.   

“From the very beginning, I want to tell you that it is not about the change of the number of ministries or agencies, just as there are attempts to come up with a quite simplistic approach in the society by some political forces of critics. The important thing is that this draft law opens us opportunity to strengthen the state’s institutions, first of all, the ministries,” Pavel Filip said.   

The draft provides for consolidation of the duties of the public administration authorities through improving their management and ensuring the rendering of quality public services. Also, a clear-cut delimitation of the political duties from the administrative ones is ensured. The position of deputy minister is to be excluded and the administrative duties in terms of ministries’ work will be ensured by the State Secretaries, who will also fulfill the interim duties of minister, if needed.   

Also, the document provides a clear setting forth of the duties, powers and activity sectors of the government and ensures a detailed regulation of the exercising of the interim duties of the prime minister, first deputy prime minister, deputy prime minister and minister.     

Another amendment sees exclusion of the clear enumeration of ministries and giving the PM right to change their list by a simplified procedure. In the context, the prime minister said that, after the law is adopted in parliament, the new structure of the government would be unveiled in a month time.   

The Reforms Implementation Centre is in charge of the enforcement of the new Law on Government.