27 02/2017

Moldovan Christian Orthodox believers enter the Lent

The Christian Orthodox believers today entered the Lent. In 2017, the holiday of light and joy - Resurrection of God – will be marked on 16 April.    

The Lent lasts 40 days, after which the Passion Week comes, and so all the period before the Easter lasts seven weeks. The Lent is not only the longest and most important fasting period, but also the toughest of the four fasting periods of the Orthodox Church.   

Believers are allowed to eat fish only two times during the Lent – on the Annunciation Day and on the Palm Day. In the Lent, Christian should prove increased spiritual care by giving up food of animal origin. Moreover, they should improve their spiritual state by prayers and good deeds.   

The fasting period represents full abstinence from some food products and drinks on religious and moral purposes. Moreover, Christians must abstain from different kinds of bad thoughts, passions and bad deeds. This means that the body’s fasting should be accompanied by the spiritual one.

At the last Sunday Liturgy, the Metropolitan of Chisinau and All Moldova, Most Right Reverend Vladimir urged those present to spend the Lent in conciliation with other people , in order to properly meet the bright holiday of the Resurrection of the Lord. The Metropolitan also urged the believers to truly fast, i.e. to warmly pray, in order to really enjoy the fruits of this ascetic struggle.