14 04/2017

Moldovan Constitution to be completed with one new chapter

Moldova’s Constitution will be completed with one new chapter, that will regulate the status and role of the Ombudsman, according to a draft law passed by the parliament in the final reading today.

Under the new chapter from Moldova’s Fundamental Law, the Ombudsman ensures the promotion and protection of the fundamental human rights and freedoms. A person enjoying an irreproachable reputation, with a high professional competence and well-known activity in the field of defence and promotion of human rights can be appointed to this position.     

The Ombudsman cannot fulfill any other remunerated office, except for the didactic, scientific or creation activity; he/she has no right to carry out political activity and cannot be member of any political party.   

Also, it is stipulated that the Ombudsman is appointed to office by the parliament, with the votes of the majority of elected MPs, based on a transparent procedure of selection, for a seven-year mandate, which cannot be renewed.