01 03/2017

Moldovan economic agents to present tax reports in electronic format starting from today

The economic agents having more than five employees subordinated will have to present fiscal reports in electronic format starting from today, the State Tax Service (SFS) has reported.    

According to the new amendments operated to the Fiscal Code, the concerned tax payers will present the tax report with the compulsory use of automated ways of electronic reporting. The process of connecting of this category of tax payers began on 1 January 2017 and the obligation refers to those carrying out professional activity in the justice sector.   

By this action, the concerned tax payers will benefit from a quicker and efficient cooperation with the fiscal body. They will no longer go to the SFS territorial offices, saving their time. At the same time, the tax payers connected to the electronic tax services will be informed quickly and regularly about the latest events and information dealing with the tax administration.   

So far, only 745 out of 3,862 enterprises, which this year got the obligation to submit reports in electronic format, have not subscribed to electronic services.

Thus, to benefit from electronic tax services, it is necessary that economic agents hold an electronic signature and get access to the way of electronic reporting through signing an agreement on connection to electronic tax services with the state enterprise Fiscservinform.    

Also, the non-presentation in the way provided for by the legislation or late presentation of reports will be sanctioned with fine.