08 11/2017

Moldovan government appoints twenty three state secretaries

The Cabinet of Ministers approved appointment of 23 state secretaries in the ministries at its today meeting, the government’s communication and protocol department has reported.

They will be responsible for managing certain areas as follows:

Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure

Vitalie Iurcu – economic field

Anatol Usatii – construction and road infrastructure

Iuliana Dragalin – international infrastructure and quality infrastructure

Serghei Bucataru – Transport

Vitalie Tarlev – Information and Communication Technology 

Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment

Dorin Andros – Regional and Rural Development

The Ministry of Finance

Veronica Vragaleva – fiscal policy, customs, accounting and auditing in the corporate system

Veronica Ursu – public investment, external financial assistance, public debt and treasury system

Tatiana Ivanicichina – budget policy area

Ministry of Justice

Nicolae Esanu – the field of creation and improvement of legislation, professions and legal services, the representation of the Government in Parliament and the Constitutional Court

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration

Daniela Morari – European Integration

Tatiana Molcean – cooperation


Ministry of Defence

Vladimir Iliev – Human Resource Development, Military Education and Resource Planning Policy 

Ministry of Domestic Affairs

Mihail Beregoi – international cooperation, staffing and education policies

Dorin Purice – the field of public order and security, prevention and fight against crime

Alexandru Larionov – Integrated Management of the State Border, Migration and Asylum, Evidence of Population and Citizenship

Vitalie Birsan – crisis management and emergency situations, state material reserves and mobilization 

Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection

Viorica Dumbraveanu – social assistance

Rodica Scutelnic – healthcare

Nelea Rusu – in the field of social and medical insurance

Anastasia Oceretnii – Work and Demography

Ministry of Education, Culture and Research

Elena Belei – the field of research

Andrei Chistol – culture

Also today, the Executive approved the appointment of Roman Cazan as Deputy Secretary General of the Government.