02 03/2017

Moldovan officials commemorate soldiers fallen in armed conflict in Transnistria

A solemn meeting dedicated to heroes who died in military actions for defending territorial integrity and independence of Moldova was held in Chisinau today.

On this occasion, several officials, veterans and other people laid flowers at the Eternity memorial complex in memory of soldiers who died in the armed conflict in Transnistria.

Former president of Moldova Mirceas Snegur said that 25 years ago, newly obtained independence of the country had been jeopardized. “Dear veterans, you have been those who have fought in defense of independence. In these difficult conditions, you have shown heroism. Today we honor our fallen comrades on the battlefield and we are grateful for their heroism”, Snegur said.

“Today we commemorate those who gave their lives for the country’s independence. They gave us a lesson in defense of the homeland. Entire country is proud of these heroes, as they were landmark for the country”, Deputy Defence Minister Gheorghe Galbur said.

For his part, Interior Minister Alexandru Jizdan said that 2 March was an important page in history for Moldova. “Because of those who are not with us, today we have a flag, emblem, anthem, entity and a name”, he said.

On this day, 25 years ago, the armed conflict in Transnistria began, which lasted four months. The agreement on cease-fire was signed on 21 July 1992, and subsequently political negotiations on the Transnistrian conflict settlement were initiated.

According to the Defence Ministry, over 30,000 people participated in the armed conflict in Transnistria 1991-1992. 300 soldiers and civilians died and 3,500 were injured.