25 07/2017

Moldovan PM demands that competent authorities boost fighting trafficking in human beings

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has demanded that all needed measures be undertaken to improve the national policies in fighting the trafficking of human beings. The PM made the request at a today’s meeting of the national committee on combating the trafficking of human beings, the government’s communication and protocol department has reported.  

The prime minister referred to a report by the United States Department of State on the trafficking of human beings, in which Moldova was placed in a lower position in a ranking. “We certainly can point out more problems we are facing; yet, it is necessary that we mobilize and organize ourselves, so that, on the immediately next period, we advance on this segment,” Pavel Filip said.  

At the meeting, the national committee on combating the trafficking of human beings approved a string of measures to improve the situation in this sector. Among them, there are strengthening capacities of investigation, criminal prosecution and conviction of traffickers, fighting corruption in the judicial system, protection of inquirers and prosecutors from external influence, ensuring the protection of victims during trials and criminal prosecution.      

The prime minister said that he would personally monitor the developments recorded in this field and asked the committee’s secretariat to monthly present reports on actions carried out. “We have all necessary instruments and we will not accept excuses or justifications at the next report; we are obliged to make progress to this end,” Pavel Filip added.