02 05/2017

Moldovan PM proud of country's mobilization to remove consequences of 20-21 April bad weather

Prime Minister Pavel Filip today thanked all persons involved in the process of removing the consequences of the 20-21 April bad weather and summed up the work of the cell crisis, the government’s communication and protocol department has reported.   

The prime minister appreciated the way the emerged situation had been managed and the public institutions had been organized. At the same time, the PM asked the authorities to consider possibility to stimulate all those who actively participated in removing the consequences of the heavy snowfall, either by providing money awards or by giving days off.  

“I want to thank all those who directly worked, either we speak about the de-blocking of roads, removing branches and trees fallen, or whether we speak about those who got involved to provide emergency medical assistance or worked continuously to re-connect settlements to power supply. Thank you for involvement, I know that a lot of work has been done. I am proud of the way everybody has mobilized. I mean here citizens, Chisinau city residents, economic agents, volunteers, as well as authorities,” Pavel Filip said.   

Data put out by the Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service shows that, due to prompt intervention, all roads towards Moldova’s settlements were de-blocked on 22 April, and the provision with electric energy was fully re-established on 28 April. At the same time, on this period, intervention teams towed more than 1,500 blocked vehicles, pumped water from 98 households and examined the state of ten water basins, in order to prevent possible floods. 

At the same time, according to an appeal made by Prime Minister Pavel Filip, starting from 27 April, assistance has been provided to the Chisinau city hall to clear trees and carry branches and fallen trees. As many as 23,621 people and 3,644 transport units were involved during six days, which allowed evacuating about 5,000 trucks loaded with rests of collapsed trees. ”About 90 per cent of the Chisinau city has been already cleaned. In continuation, municipal services have the needed possibility and capacities to cope with the situation,” the PM said.    

At the same time, the prime minister stressed that the authorities were to consider the way work had been carried out to overcome the crisis situation and would take necessary measures to increase the reaction speed in such situations, including in order to provide a better interaction between central and local authorities.