25 06/2017

Moldovan premier addresses congratulatory message on National Day of Traditional Costume

Prime Minister Pavel Filip today conveyed a congratulatory message for all those who honour the traditional costume, on the occasion of the National Day of the Traditional Costume, marked today. The PM said that the Traditional Costume is the mark of the identity, a symbol representing the Moldovans along with the state symbols, the government’s communication and protocol department has reported.   

‘’We, the Moldovans, are proud of our national costume; it represents our identity, expresses the national creativity and love for beauty.  I am happy with a wider and wider popularity of the traditional costume, which is put on not only at national holidays, but also at weddings, christenings, holidays of local importance,’’ the prime minister said.  

At the same time, Pavel Filip stressed that, although Moldova is a small country, it has to offer an important contribution to the world cultural heritage, to maintaining the popular traditions. The PM also said the government would further be by the side of all those who preserve alive the customs and who love the country’s cultural heritage.

The national holiday was established by Moldova’s parliament, at an initiative by the Culture Ministry.