03 09/2017

Moldovan prime minister addresses congratulatory message on occasion of National Army Day

Prime Minister Pavel Filip addressed a congratulatory message on the occasion of the National Army Day today, the government's communication and protocol department has reportedd.

The message says:

"Dear military,

National Army employees,

Honoured veterans,

Today, when we mark the 26th anniversary of the creation of the National Army, I would like to thank you for your faith, devotion and the excellent service you are demonstrating. The National Army is an expression of close ties between generations and it is a continuation of the traditions of our ancestors to serve with honour, integrity and dignity the Motherland. This day is also a gratitude for our people's military for the sense of duty, professionalism and abnegation that you prove being next to our citizens, defending peace and tranquility, fighting the consequences of natural calamities.

The National Army is to become a more European, more professional, more organized and disciplined one, to increase its capacity to participate in international peacekeeping efforts, to implement widely the civil control instruments and democratic system over the national security sector in the transformation process. I assure you of the Government's full support in achieving these goals.

Thank you once again for the excellent performance you have proved in international mandates, thus making our state a trusted partner, a guarantor of stability and security in the region. I am firmly convinced that the high sense of duty, courage and manhood of the military will continue to allow for the country's military security and the fulfillment of international commitments.

I send you sincere wishes of health and prosperity, welfare and happiness to your families and successes in the military service for the good of our people."