16 04/2017

Orthodox, Catholics celebrate biggest holiday of Christianity – Easter

Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter today – the feast of light and joy, considered the biggest holiday of Christianity, which means Resurrection.

Easter takes place over the three days. Easter, signifying the resurrection of Jesus Christ is marked this year on the same date, the Christians of all rites – Orthodox and Catholics, a rare case, when the Western churches celebrate Easter according to the Gregorian calendar, while the eastern Churches follow Julian calendar.

Easter is preceded by a long post, and in the last week of Lent, called Holy Week, we celebrate Jesus Christ's entry into Jerusalem.

On the eve of Easter, Christians prepare their basket of goodies and go to the dedication dishes, and this morning, each wash her face with an egg white and one red. This ritual symbolizes strength and purity. Similarly, believers crack red eggs, which signify new life, received through the Blood of our Savior.

In 2016, Easter was celebrated on 01 May. Easter will be celebrated by all Christians on the same date in 2025, according to the Greek Orthodox Church.