27 08/2016


The Republic of Moldova is a Parliamentary Republic. The Chairman and the Deputy Chairmen of the Parliament are elected after the legal constitution of the Legislative body. According to the Regulations of the Parliament, the Chairman of the forum is elected for the entire duration of the term by a secret ballot of the majority of the elected deputies at the proposal of the parliamentary factions. Deputy Chairmen of the Parliament are elected by an open ballot of the majority of elected deputies, at the proposal of the Chairman of the Parliament, after the consultations with the parliamentary factions. 

The working body of the Parliament – the Standing Bureau – is formed taking into consideration the proportional representation of the factions in the Legislative body. The Chairman and Deputy Chairmen of the Parliament are its ex officio members. The number of members of the Standing Bureau is determined by the Parliament’s decision.

The main and the most important documents are subject to debates within the parliamentary factions, which are practically the major political decision-makers in the Parliament. These indispensable units of the Legislative body are established in compliance with the Parliament Regulations within a 10-day term after the Parliament has been legally constituted. Each faction consists of at least five deputies to form working bodies and organize the legislative activity on the basis of the lists of political formations.

The Standing Committees are the working bodies of the Parliament that have a special role in preparation of its works and in exercising the parliamentary functions, especially the legislative and control functions. The Committees are specialised according to areas of activity depending on various areas of governmental responsibilities. They are elected for the entire duration of the term of the Legislative body. The Standing Committees report to the Parliament and are subordinate to it. The Parliament decides upon the number of committees, the title, and the numerical and nominal composition of each committee at the proposal of the Standing Bureau.

To draft complex legislative acts, advisory opinions on them or for other purposes indicated in the establishing decision, the Parliament may set up special committees and inquiry committees. The Standing Bureau proposes to the Legislative body for approval the nominal composition of the committee and the term within which the report has to be submitted. An inquiry committee may be established at the request of a parliamentary faction or a group of at least 5 per cent of the number of the elected deputies. 

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