15 02/2017

Prime Minister Pavel Filip asks state institutions to avoid bureaucracy, grant quality services to citizens

Prime Minister Pavel Filip stressed at the beginning of today Government meeting the need to optimize the work of state institutions by removing bureaucratic barriers and providing services of quality to citizens.   

In this regard, Head of Executive raised the subject related to verification of customs payment of fines by drivers. As such, Prime Minister asked the Interior Ministry to come up with solutions to removing these barriers to crossing the border and to examine the possibility of excluding customs verification arrears on payment of fines.

Also, in the context of removing the existing bureaucratic barriers in state institutions, Pavel Filip spoke of problems raised by foreign investors in relation to the National Agency for Employment (ANOFM). So, Head of Government instructed the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection to come up with proposals to reform the Agency, for exclusion of bureaucratic processes experienced by investors.

"I want to appeal to all colleagues which offer services to citizens. Please, review the bureaucratic actions taking place in coordinated institutions and come up within a week with proposals to identify constraints and approve the appropriate changes," Filip concluded.