15 02/2017

Prime Minister Pavel Filip: Government to do its utmost to regain citizens' trust in European integration, EU

Pavel Filip held a meeting with Ambassadors of partner countries for development of Moldova: EU member states, USA, Turkey, Switzerland, also attended by Cabinet members.

The prime minister said that common platform of discussion was important to exchange views on the latest developments in Moldova and priorities for future course.

In the context, Pavel Filip talked about main achievements of 2016, including conclusion of a new agreement with International Monetary Fund (IMF), along unntying of EU aid and other bilateral partners, such as Romania, adoption of the package of laws reforming that allowed enhancing transparency in banking sector, justice, reducing barriers for business and the realization of National Action Plan on Moldova – EU association agreement implementation for 2014 – 2016 at over 87 per cent.

"Year 2016 was one of management of crisis and stabilization of situation. Year 2017 will be the year of growth and investment," Pavel Filip said.

Among the priorities set by Government reform agenda, the prime minister highlighted the reform of public administration, health, system procurements, employment, pay system into budgetary sector.

"Many of the reforms are non-populist, painful and ambitious but absolutely necessary to improve the quality of life of citizens of the Republic of Moldova. We shall be keeping them, trying to communicate as efficiently as possible, so reforms themselves, as well as EU support. For me, it is very important to make EU popular in Moldova again," the prime minister said.

Pavel Filip asked development partners to establish new framework of strategic partnership taking into account Government reform agenda, noting that it was important that Moldova to be helped precisely where it needed support firstly.

Meanwhile, Head of the Executive reiterated that the European road project remains our sovereign national interest and that government would do everything in its power to turn the citizens' trust in the European path and EU.

At their turn, diplomats thanked for invitation to have this exchange of opinions on Government reform agenda and encouraged authorities to continue efforts to return public confidence in European course of the Republic of Moldova, for it to become tangible for all its citizens. Ambassadors expressed their readiness to support Government into successful implementation of reforms aimed at improving the living standards of people.