15 02/2017

Prime Minister Pavel Filip participates in action to commemorate soldiers dead in Afghanistan war

Prime Minister Pavel Filip today took part in an event dedicated to the day of commemorating the soldiers who died in the Afghanistan war. The participants in the solemn meeting, held at the Memorial Venue “Feciorilor Patriei - Sfîntă Amintire” (Holy Memory to the Motherland’s Sons), stood silent for one minute and laid flowers in the memory of those who died in the armed conflict.

The prime minister expressed respect and recognition to the participants in the Afghanistan war and gave assurances that the government would further support the veterans and their families, including through carrying out actions contained in the Plan „Memorie. Onoare. Respect.” (Memory. Honour. Respect), approved by the cabinet. “A very important thing the politicians are also to learn in the wake of this war is that nothing can justify the death of a man, so much the more the death of more people. We are responsible to do our utmost, in order to prevent any armed conflicts, provide stability and ensure Peace,” the PM said.

At the same time, Pavel Filip noted that the heroes of this war represent a benchmark of bravery and example for the entire society. “We will be with you not only on this day, but will also do our best for you to feel that we are by your side every day,” the prime minister added. 

Almost 13,000 Moldovan citizens participated in the Afghanistan war, of whom 300 died. The armed conflict lasted ten years, starting from 1979 till 1989.