19 10/2016

The Touristic Complex Chateau Vartely

The touristic complex Chateau Vartely is situated in 45 km of Chisinau, in Orhei city. The rood of a Hungarian word “Vartely” (translation “city-fortress”) was brought into Moldova by Magi, who came from Eastern Carpathian Mountains. The French word “Chateau” is used by wine-makers to describe a territory where the only owner makes all cycles of wine production from planting the grape till filling the bottles.

Complex is represented by several houses of hotel type that are constructed in Moldavian traditions, restaurant complex, degustation halls and various rest zones at the territory of chateau. Not far from the complex are placed: a factory of high quality wine production, buildings of wine processing, wine storage and a cellar with wines produced both by Chateau Vartely and world producers. In a “World Wine Collection” hall the wines of 5 continents are represented that gives tourists a chance to evaluate the peculiarities of different wine sorts from different world regions.

The restaurant complex suggests its visitors to taste harmonious union of French and Moldavian cuisine. There are also provided such additional services as: sauna, billiard, water pool, playground for children and etc.

Besides, the shop-salon works on the territory of the complex where anybody have a chance to buy a bottle of wine produced by Chateau Vartely as well as souvenirs made in national traditions.