06 06/2017

Two more border crossing points with Ukraine to operate under single window

“Giurgiulesti-Reni” and “Palanca-Maiaki-Udobnoe” international crossing points will operate on the basis of the “single window” and “one stop” principles. A document to this effect was signed in Soroca on 5 June.

According to data by the Customs Service, the provisions on organization and conduct of joint control at the two crossing points are seen in the protocols signed on 5 June in Soroca by Director General of Customs Service of Moldova Vitalie Vrabie, Head of Border Police Fredolin Lecari, Head of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Viktor Nazarenko and Head of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Miroslav Prodan.

Joint control at the “Giurgiulesti-Reni” border crossing point will be carried out on the territory of Ukraine, and at the “Palanca-Maiaki-Udobnoe” – on the territory of Moldova.

The conclusion of the protocols is a means of implementing the provision of the agreement signed on 11 March 1997 between the Moldovan and Ukrainian governments on organization of joint control at seven crossing points of Moldovan-Ukrainian state border: ”Criva-Mamalîga”, ”Medveja-Zelionaia”, ”Larga-Kelmențî”, ”Briceni-Rossoșanî”, ”Cuciurgan-Pervomaisc”, ”Palanca-Maiaki-Udobnoe” and ”Giurgiulești-Reni”. At the same time, the application of this joint control concept is also a condition of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement.

Since 31 May, the joint control procedure with the Ukrainian authorities started at the “Kuchurgan-Pervomaysk” border crossing point.