Prime Minister Pavel Filip and Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu today participated in a joint government-parliament meeting, the first one this year.


The implementation of the Association Agreement Moldova – European Union and priority reforms agenda were the main themes discussed at today meeting of Prime Minister Pavel Filip


The cabinet of ministers, at a today’s meeting, approved a draft law on the ratification of the Paris Agreement, the goal of which is to mitigate the emissions of greenhouse effe


The crime rate in Moldova, present risks and the actions needed to prevent them were considered at a today’s meeting of the national council for coordinating activities of preven


Efficient implementation of the governmental reforms in Moldova and monitoring the progress recorded by the authorities to this end will be ensured by the Centre for Reforms’ Imp


Prime Minister Pavel Filip put today flowers at the bust of the great poet and writer Mihai Eminescu, placed on the Alley of Romanian Classics in Public Garden "Stefan cel Mare"